spark file (noun) - A place where one consistently collects creative inspirations + fascinations.

Used in a sentence: “I transcribed my neighbor’s crazy-ass fight into my spark file. You know that that shit’s going into my next screenplay.” 

The Spark File (proper noun) - Hosted by Laura Camien + Susan Blackwell, The Spark File is a fun, funny podcast obsessed with creativity + inspiration.

Used in a sentence: “After binge-listening The Spark File podcast, I stan pioneering abstract artist Hilma af Klint.”


Laura Camien + Susan Blackwell

Laura Camien + Susan Blackwell

Susan Blackwell is a Broadway, film + TV actor, + a writer. She created + played characters based on herself in the original Broadway musical [title of show], + the off-Broadway musical NOW. HERE. THIS. She hosts the chat show ‘Side by Side by Susan Blackwell’ on, now in its 10th year. She is a teacher specializing in creativity + communication.

Laura Camien is a Broadway producer, playwright + screenwriter. She was a long time VP of Communications for Blue Man Group, + Creative Director + Head Writer for Blue Man Group’s book, Blue Man World. As a teacher, she specializes in public speaking, media training, writing + communication.

Laura + Susan have been through a lot of interesting creative shit. They are two great tastes that taste great together.


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Podcasters + Sparkmasters Susan Blackwell + Laura Camien facilitate dynamic hands-on workshops that spans the lifecycle of creativity. From generating sparks of inspiration, to fanning your sparks into a flame, to navigating the most perilous roadblocks, to sharing your light.

These workshops are for seasoned creative professionals, as well as those who aspire to bring more creativity into their life and work.

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